Instagram Dark Mode feature comes to iPhone

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Instagram dark mode feature has been released on the iOS 13 platform. A dark mode feature of Instagram had been much awaited by the Instagram community. The dark mode feature is only available on the iOS platform but reports are that the Android update is soon to follow.

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iPhone users with iOS 13 can now activate the dark mode feature as long as they update to the latest version of the app. The only drawback with the Instagram dark mode is that it only activates when you set a system-wide dark mode for your iPhone. This means you can not use the dark mode on Instagram without dark iTunes, dark Photos, dark Contacts, dark Settings app, etc., basically dark mode system-wide.

Instagram finally releases Dark Mode feature

Instagram finally releases Dark Mode feature

Barring the system-wide dark mode necessary for the IG’s dark mode to function the interface itself is quite refreshing.

You can now browse through beautiful pictures on the app for longer hours without experiencing eye strain, especially at night. It also has the added advantage of saving your battery life.


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