iPad Photoshop receives new ‘Select Subject’ feature


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Adobe today announced that it has added a ‘Select Subject’ feature into the app which is a feature that should make using the app on iPad easier and more flexible and hopefully bring it closer to the experience on the desktop version.

Adobe Photoshop on the iPad wasn’t well-received by lovers of the desktop version of the app still the company would not back down on its pursuit to make the mobile app feature-rich.

This feature only came to the desktop app last year. It allows a one-tap selection of objects (Subjects). Selecting objects is one of the major tasks that users do repetitively and the company has been working on new features to simplify the process for its users.

Adobe says it’s working under the hood to improve the Select Subject feature around hair and furs. At the moment the feature lags when it comes to selecting hairs and furs.

It’s a long journey ahead for Adobe in trying to convince users that the Photoshop on iPad is at par with the desktop version but the addition of a new feature is a step in the right direction. It promises that the year 2020 will bring a host of new features to the app.

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