IPOB: How I Snuck out of Nigeria- Nnamdi Kanu


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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu has revealed how he was able to escape from Nigeria

The Biafra agitator who is currently in Israel, did an interview with an Israeli station where he detailed his escape from his home country.

“Nigerian Army came to my house to kill me,” Mr Kanu said

“They killed 28 people in the process,” he added

“My people evacuated me before they could get to me and they smuggled me out of Nigeria. I would say, I ’m relieved that I managed to make it to the only place that I feel safe in the whole world.”

While Kanu holds a British passport, he said he would not have felt safe in England and stated that Israel owed the Biafrans safe haven

“Israel has to live up to their obligation to defend Judaism and Jewish faith all over the world,” he said. “We are being persecuted. We are suffering as a people and I believe it is the responsibility of Israel to make sure that Biafra stands as an independent entity in Africa.”

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“Biafra has over 70 million people scattered all over the world . They have called us the wandering Jews of Africa. Those that identify themselves with their Jewish heritage are about 50 million people,” he said.

He also claimed that Igbo Jews, practised their religion by reading the Torah and following the precepts laid there.

A significant number of the population practise Judaism as we do in IPOB. When Christianity came with colonialism, a lot of our Jewish practices were suppressed. We were made to feel ashamed of our Jewishness. We want to go back to the way we were before the British came. Most of our problems were basically made by the British.

“We want an independent Jewish State, a Biafra that is absolutely independent of anything that has to do with Nigeria, for the simple reason that we were independent before the British came. There is a paranoia that, should Biafra get closer to Israel, 70 million people would somehow flock to the land of Israel, but that is not the case…”

“When I got to Nigeria in 2015, I was arrested and sued. I was asked to be freed twice in court. We are seeking Biafra, so we can get and return to Biafra.”

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