IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu: There Will Be No Election In Anambra State Until…..


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Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has vowed that the Anambra State Governorship Election won’t hold unless the country is restructured on or before October 1, 2017.

He made the statement at an event in Enugu on Monday. Nnamdi Kanu was honoured at the event as he got three awards from three Igbo groups, including the I go Students’ Association and the Eastern Consultative Forum.

The IPOB leader is adamant that there will be no election in the state until Nigeria has undergone restructuring and he is given a date for a referendum.

Speaking at the event, Kanu said: “There will be no election in Anambra State come November 2017 and going forward there won’t be any election until they give me a date for a referendum.

“They know what to do; convene a meeting, I will send my rep; give us a date for the referendum, that is the only way.

“In which part of this earth have you ever found a measure of self-determination to be equated to war except in Nigeria because the political leaders do not understand the difference between self-determination and war?

“Self-determination does not mean hate speech; the status quo can no longer remain. Like my brother Evangelist Eliot Ugochukwu-Uko said, if on or before October 1 nothing happens in terms of substantial restructuring, then there won’t be any election; the people will support us.” he concluded.




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