IPOB Threatens Security Agencies Over Arrest of Its Members


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The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has threatened security agencies including members of the army and police over the arrest of some it’s members in Enugu, including one Mazi Ofornedu Okoafor.

The group threatned that the security agencies would pay a heavy price if anything happens to its members in their custody.

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The group released a statement accusing security agencies of arresting Mazi Okoafor alongside his Grandfather at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

They also alleged that the duo have been refused medical attention while in the custody of security personnel.

They warned the security agents to release the arrested members before it becomes too late while alleging that plans were afoot to also effect the arrest of Okoafor’s father.

The IPOB statement read;

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn in the strongest possible terms the continued inhumane, illegal and immoral detention of Mazi Ofornedu Okoafor who was abducted with his grand father at the (UNTH) Enugu where he was receiving medical treatment for bullet wounds inflicted on him by the same Nigerian Police and soldiers on the 23rd of August 2020 at Emene in Enugu State.

“Why an innocent man, grievously injured by the police, should be chained to the floor in a police cell rather than receiving treatment in a hospital defies logic and common sense. This brand of Janjaweed policing should be condemned by every right thinking person.”

IPOB stressed that the arrested member is innocent and accused the commissioner of police of plotting to kill Okoafor in custody.

“The Commissioner of Police in Enugu State on whose order this recent abduction of Ofornedu Okoafor was made must understand the consequences of his actions. He must release Mazi Ofornedu Okoafor before it’s too late for him. The police must know that they would pay a heavy price should anything happen to Chinedu Okoafor or any of the innocent Biafrans being held illegally in their custody,” the statement concluded.

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