Iran holds Britain accountable for Saudi massacre in Yemen


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Bahram Qasemi, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, has rejected claims by a British official on Iran’s role in Yemen crisis.

He said on Thursday in Tehran that London as one of the two main suppliers of arms for the child-killing alliance should be responsible to the world public opinion on the crisis.

Qasemi made the remarks while commenting on a statement by Edwin Samuel, British Foreign Office Spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa, who claimed that he felt concerned about Iran’s so-called part in Yemen crisis.

He said that there were no bases for the allegations because it was based on false report.

“There is no point raising such an unfounded claim which is based on baseless reports.

“British official should be accountable for the inhumane behaviour of the widespread use of British weapons in the massacre of Yemeni civilians and also respond to the questions raised by the representatives of Britain’s Lower House about that,’’ he said.

Qasemi charged the British officials to answer the question on why they still continued their inhumane and profiteering policy of supplying arms for the attackers on the impoverished country.

He recalled that in spite of the European Parliament’s resolution which banned arms sales to Saudi Arabia, British government turned deaf ears on the bans.

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