Irish Mother-of-Two Jilted By A Nigerian Man, Vandalizes in an African Shop in Dublin

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A mother of two destroyed goods in an African shop in Dublin after the owner of the shop had helped her husband beat her up.

The lady who is of Irish Nationality had previously been maltreated by her husband, a Nigerian with the name Kelechi Jude about 9 years ago.

He used her first childbirth to gain his citizenship as he inserted his name on the Birth Certificate as by then his visa to remain in the Ireland had only few days to expire.

However, he started maltreating her after the birth of their second child, a special needs boy who was diagnosed to be autistic, shortly afterwards he then took their first child, a girl, away from her.

It was also alleged that Jude was in the shop and they had scuffle the previous day, in which he launched a brutal attack on her, fracturing her jaw. That’s why she made a return journey to the shop to behave this way.

Jude frequently visits the premises because the owner of the shop, Cynthia, is said to be a close family friend. She acted in that manner because she strongly believed that the shop owner assisted Jude in taking her daughter away from her.

Cynthia was also said to be responsible for locking her up in the shop the night of her jaw-breaking incident. It was alleged that she is presently 7 months pregnant again.

The police were later called, but must have noticed that she is indeed a troubled mother that needs some form of assistance, because she was unstable and unable to explain herself throughout her questioning.

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