Is Nigeria ‘Paradise Lost’? by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi


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When Martin Luther the Augustinian monk was summoned on April 17th, 1521, by Pappenheimer, the marshal of the empire to appear before the emperor and states of the empire to find out two things: First, is Martin Luther wiling to confess that the books which have been circulated under his name  are his? Second, is Martin Luther ready to renounce these books or part of them?

And as Martin Luther replied; “Unless therefore am convince by the testimony of scripture, or by the clearest reasoning – unless I am persuaded by means of the passage I have quoted – and unless they thus rendered my conscience bound by the word of God, I cannot and I will not retract, for it is unsafe for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand! May God help me! Amen.”

There is this Yoruba idiom that says ‘Akuko Ko; which literally translates that ‘a cock has crows’, which means an influential personality has passed away. Can Nigerians really take it and relate it to the current happenings within the All Progressive Congress [APC] and Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] hierarchy?

Dominating the land, which is larger than Texas and Oklahoma combined is the Niger River, 2,600 miles in length. This gives Nigeria the meaning “the land of the mighty river”, and it’s flag of three broad vertical stripes [ green- white-green], which symbols of unity, peace and agriculture.

Nigeria has produced great politicians of repute; Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Aminu Kano, Ahmadu Bello, and Tafawa Balewa, that have left their endless footprints on the sand of Nigeria political history.

Nigeria political terrains is heated up towards the 2019 general elections, as politicians re-assembled to strategize plan, solidify and consolidate on their respective failed missions, fake promises, and looting plc. There are whispering signs of one-upmanship! Across the three tiers of government; the situation remains maladroit. Can and will there be an OUT-VOTE? Any surefooted party in 2019? Between All Progressive Party [APC] and Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] falls the shadows……

From Illela border, Sahara Desert fringe in Sokoto State to Takwa Bay, Atlantic Ocean Shoreline in Lagos State . From Gamboru Ngala, Sahel Desert fringe in Borno State to Bakassi Peninsula, Gulf of Guinea in Cross River State, across “the land of the mighty river”, the whispering signs is OMINOUS! What is the aetiology? Is Nigeria “paradise lost?” and can it be regained? Impossible some may say!

In context, the polity has not been heated as this, taking into consideration, President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid. The battle has not only shifted from pre-2019 hustings but has assumed another dimension; names calling, intimidation [using state and federal apparatus against perceived and imaginary enemies and oppositions], coercing, and fusillade.

Why does average Nigerian politicians not have the ability to make plans and organize the world around him; the capacity to love, high intelligence, a conscience, and a concept of past, present and future? Nigerians kept wondering. why are things so different these days compared with the way things were in the first republic?

Something were better, the average person enjoys a standard of living, on the other hand Nigerians at present has seen the worst of living conditions in history, experiencing the worst outbreak of fraud, deception, and related abuses in its history!

 Once in every four years the politicians comes to the community and distributes; salt, sugar, piece of clothing and promise anything and everything to buy the community votes and once the elections are over NEVER will you see any politicians nor will they redeem their campaign promises which are all disappointments and total FRAUD!

To 200 millions Nigerians, the 2019 Hustings Babel signs is ‘PSYCHOSOMATIC’, as the politicians lacked chivalry for the electorates in the 8,810 Wards, 774 LGAs, and the 36 States of the federation. In one of his [popular songs; King Sunny Ade echoed “Nigeria yi ti gbogbo wa ni, ko ma gbodo baje…….; O baje ti!

Because Nigerians desire to see their days flow on peaceful and happily irrespective of the outcome of 2019 Nigeria’s general elections! The hope of Nigerians is how to escape poverty, as Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world!

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