ISIS fighter excited as he is declared next to die


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ISIS soldiers have been brainwashed on the need to sacrifice their lives for the jihad. The group recently released a video footage showing a young man showing excitement at being the next in line to die.

The soldier was filmed alongside fellow members drawing lots on who will carry out the next suicide attack.


According  to the Daily Mirror, the propaganda video shows a man holding out two fists to two young soldiers.

One of the young soldiers then taps his right hand and a stone is revealed, meaning that he is next in line to launch the suicide attack.

The man, who could not contain his excitement, rushed to the door of the suicide truck, and set off to drive towards the ISIS enemies before biding a last farewell to his friends.

He drives off in an adapted vehicle with tacked metal bullet shields likely to have already been packaged with explosives.


After a while, a plume of smoke could be seen from the distance signalling the death of the young man while on duty to serve his people.

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