ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi’s Location Disclosed By Wife


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Reports have been gathered that the location of ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi, who was assassinated by U.S Military was obtained from one of his numerous wives.

According to reports from The New York Daily, on Tuesday, one of Al-Baghdadi’s wives disclosed the location of Al-Baghdadi.

The woman was arrested in Iraq last week along with a man who was a courier for the extremist Muslim organization.

A years-long hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came to a dramatic end this weekend as US forces overcame gunfire, a booby trap and explosive vests during a raid in northwest Syria. The ISIS leader “blew himself up”

The tunnel where the ISIS leader detonated his suicide vest partially collapsed and the forces on the ground had to recover the remains from the rubble while being cautious about any improvised explosive devices.

One of his wives said that her husband was in the northern Syrian village of Barisha. The US newspaper did not mention either the name of the informant. According to Islam Law, Muslims are allowed to have up to four wives at the same time and an unlimited number of concubines.

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According to recent reports, al-Baghdadi’s remains were transported to a US base in Iraq. Probably the dust of the slain ISIS boss will be scattered in the sea.


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