Italian Entrepreneurs Going Gaga Over Ronaldo’s Transfer


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Local business owners in Italy are going crazy over Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus after the confirmation of the news of his new deal made rounds on the internet.

Ever since, Real Madrid announced the sealed €100 million transfer deal of of the Portuguese star player on Tuesday, fans of Juventus football club have been impatiently waiting for Ronaldo’s arrival and cant wait to see him put on the club’s Jersey.

The 33 year old would be officially presented as the new team player on Monday.

Marketers and shop owners in Italy are now incorporating Ronaldo’s name in their services as a means to attract more customers.

A certain ice cream seller named  Leonardo La Porta joined the trend as he added a special “Ronaldo Flavour” to his ice cream collection saying;

Ronaldo gelato‘ is now on sale in the city, courtesy of Leonardo La Porta of the Miretti store.

When asked about the recipe for the new ice cream flavour he said;

“I can only sum it up as Portugal, the land of Ronaldo,”

Leonardo La Porta started selling ‘Ronaldo gelato’ even before the confirmation of Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus and he has been in an acute bout of the Ronaldo fever.

Juventus’ stocks has now increased in value as the share prices quickly soared from €0.66 to €0.90 in the last ten days, obviously the brokers learnt of the transfer deal of Ronaldo thereby causing a spike in the club’s share prices.

Another restaurant named “Bottega del Goloso restaurant ” now have a new menu in tribute to Ronaldo which is called ‘Coppa CR7′ (CR7 Cup).

The Coppa CR7’ (CR7 Cup) gives the eager customers at the restaurant a chance to tuck in to a delectable sundae topped with a chocolate CR7 which even from its description from the waiters sounds delicious and impossible to turn down except that customer is having a bad day.

With this “Ronaldo Fever” going viral even before his official announcement, one could only imagine what would happen if he starts playing for Juventus.


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