Itching After a Bath: Why Does It Happen?


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Taking a bath has unfortunately become a nightmare for some people because of the unescapable side effect it comes with; continuous itching.

This condition is not very common and it can be caused by indeed, a great deal of varying factors such as having a dry skin or other skin-related conditions.

The root causes of itching after a bath include;

  • Xerosis cutis

It is a term used to describe the state of having dry skin. Taking hot baths for an extended period of time can rid the individual’s skin of its natural oils, causing an irritation which now results into case of itching after a bath.

  • Sensitivity to soap

If you find yourself itching a lot, it is a call for you to be extra careful when selecting your bath soap or gel. Using harsh bath soap can cause you to itch continuously after a bath. Failure to wash off soap residue from your body can also be a causative factor.

  • Aquagenic pruritus

This condition results in an activation of the nervous system by water poured on skin, thereby giving off an itchy feeling after a bath. Aquagenic pruritus causes intense itching after any contact with water and so the condition is extremely rare.

To avoid itching after a bath, you may want to;

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  • Pat your skin dry instead of toweling all through

Immensely rubbing your skin with a towel can significantly rid your skin of moisture. Instead of rubbing, try patting your skin with a towel after your bath.

  • Apply moisturizer to your skin while it’s still wet

To lock up some moisture into your skin barrier, it is always helpful to apply some moisturizer while your body is in fact still wet/damp. Use fragrant-free hypoallergenic moisturizers to avoid complications and store in a fridge for an added cooling effect.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking sufficient amounts of water can significantly hydrate and moisturize the skin. This can help to get rid of itching caused by dry skin.

  • Use a cooling agent

Cooling agents like menthol or calamine lotion are recommended.

  • Change your bathing style

If you take long hot baths, you might want to opt for quick and warm or cold showers.

  • Change your soap

With the case of continuous itching, it might be a signal that it is time to change soaps. Choose mild and moisturizing soaps with hypo-allergic properties.

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