It’s Okay to Sleep with 9 Year Old Girls- American Muslim says In Shocking Video


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An unidentified American man who identifies as a Muslim, left mouths gaping when he said that it was okay to sleep with 9-year-old girls.

According to the man, it is okay to sleep with a ‘woman’ once she has attained puberty even if this is at the tender age of 9.

In the video, the man was on the street surrounded by other people and speaking to another person who seemed to be interviewing him.

The interviewer challenged him saying that if he slept with a 9-year-old in the country, he would be considered a paedophile. The man said that once a girl hits puberty, she is to be considered an adult.

He based his argument on the prophet Mohammed whom he said married his wife Aisha at the age of six or seven but didn’t consummate the marriage till she attained puberty. He wasn’t sure of her age then stating that some accounts put it at age 11 and others at 9.

There has been a raging debate on Twitter over the last week or so over the issue of sex with minors with some of the belief that it is okay and that marrying some of these girls early enough will preempt them from becoming wayward while others were adamant that a child be allowed to grow up both physically and mentally before they are exposed to sex.

You can see the video of the man below.


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