“I’ve lost count of number of men I slept with” – Sex worker accused of car theft


A sex worker, Stella Emaarga is in police custody in connection with the stealing of a car of a customer, John Simon in a brothel in New Nyanya, Nasarawa State.

Simon, a mechanic, had driven the 2014 Toyota Camry car belonging to his customer.

The mechanic, who is based in Lafia, Nasarawa State, was heading to Abuja from his base to deliver the vehicle to the owner when he decided to spend the night in Emaarga’s room in the brothel.

However, the 25-year-old sex worker allegedly connived with three men to steal the car parked outside the brothel while Simon was drunk in her room.

Although the sex worker and the mechanic were arrested by police in the area over the incident, the case reportedly did not make headway in months.

Tired of the delay, the car owner, who is also a car dealer, petitioned the Inspector-General of Police and the IGP’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) was detailed to investigate the matter.

Emaarga was re-arrested alongside one of her alleged accomplices, Monday Francis.

Explaining her role in the matter, the sex worker stated, “That day, Simon saw me hanging outside the brothel waiting for a customer. He took me and his friend, Junior, to an ATM point in Maraba to withdraw money. We came back and stayed outside till around 12am. I told him that I want to go and sleep as I was feeling cold. He told me that he wanted to sleep with me that night. I resisted but since there was no customer, I obliged him.

“Around 1am, I heard someone knock at my door. I ignored it but the person knocked again. It turned out to be Francis. I opened the door and explained to him that I have a guest. He then asked me if I had water and I said no.

Stella Emaarga

“He pleaded with me to help him collect water from the bar. I followed him and locked my door because I know bad boys might enter my room. Simon was awake but lying down. I came back and we slept. In the morning, our landlady knocked at my door that I should bring my N1,500 levy. We normally contribute N1,500 every month to settle security men.

“I discovered that a hole on my door was opened. I normally used cloth to block it. I never knew that something had happened. It was when Simon finished bathing and could not find the key that I realised that someone could have accessed my room through that hole. We went outside and discovered that the car was no longer where it was parked. We went to New Nyaya Police Station and reported the matter. They took our statement and detained us.”

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Emaarga, a mother of two, explained that she went into prostitution after her husband became mentally ill and things took a turn for the worse in 2015.

“He was in the university to do a degree programme when he became mad. He killed one of my children and I returned to my parents’ house. I was not doing anything, so one of my friends in Nasarawa asked me to come over last November. I knew that she is a prostitute and I started hustling too.

“I have lost count of the number of men I have slept with but in a day if the market is booming, I get up to eight persons. The amount we charge depends on the bargaining power. If there is no customer especially during this coronavirus period that men ran away, we collect N500 per customer,” Emaarga

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