Jay Z, Beyonce Encourage Young Black Men To Disobey Police In New Song

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Rapper Jay Z who is also a father of two young black children, has released a new single which encourages people not to stop when they are wanted by police. Jay Z, one of the most influential celebrities in the black community in America, also yells “Fuck the police” on the record.

The rapper who is joined by his wife, Beyonce and Future for ‘Top Off’ the lead single off DJ Khaled’s next album, Father of Asahd has been very critical of President Donald Trump for his utterances and statements since he won the presidency.

Jay Z also a film producer, produced a Netflix documentary Time: The Kalief Browder Story, about a young black man who spent three years behind bars without being convicted of a crime because his family could not afford to pay bail.

Many young black men and women in America have made headlines after their run ins with law enforcement took a deadly turn. Jay Z has come out severally to support some of the families of the deceased, along with his wife Beyonce.

However many critics argue that his latest single which encourages fleeing from law enforcement could lead to more deadly police confrontations in urban communities.

In the Top Off single, Jay Z raps “I hear the po-po behind me, woo, ain’t gon’ stop (rrt, skrrt)
I see the po-po behind me, I ain’t gon’ stop (skrrt, skrrt)
I see the po-po behind me, rrt, ain’t gon’ stop (rrt, skrrt)
I dropped the top off the Maybach, fuck these cops (rrt, rrt)/”

He also raps about his expensive purchases, like a $1.5 million Maybach Landaulet coupe. Beyonce later joins him on the record to brag about her status, popularity and more materialsm.

Yet when a young brother gets killed in the hood and it makes headlines, they will be the first in line to donate money to the family. Why can’t they just set a good example or STFU for lack of one?

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