Jealousy: A feeling that spoils everything


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The entire destructive power of such a feeling as jealousy does not immediately manifest itself. It may seem at first that there is nothing terrible in the insistent requests of your partner to show messages on the phone. Sometimes even the requirement to provide a password from your Facebook account can be left without proper attention. But jealousy almost never wanes, but only intensifies over time. If the awareness of this problem has arrived on time, you are the lucky one. You have the time and opportunity to understand how to suppress jealousy, and we will gladly help you with this.

What is jealousy?

This is a rather destructive feeling. You think that you do not get enough love, attention, affection, respect. You will never be jealous of a person who is absolutely indifferent to you, so we are jealous only of people who have some feelings to us. That’s why many consider jealousy one of the signs of love. But we are not only jealous of our loved ones when they browse pictures of ua brides, but also of friends and colleagues.

Initially, jealousy is justified and groundless. If everything is clear with the first option and it’s not so difficult to fight with it, then the second option can be considered an excuse to visit a psychiatrist, especially if attacks of jealousy are accompanied by uncontrolled outbursts of rage and aggression.

Experts distinguish several types of this destructive feeling:

  1. Hard mistrust, stubbornness of a tyrant who makes unrealistic demands. Such a person constantly monitors a partner, checks mail and personal correspondence in social networks.
  2. Anxious jealousy of an insecure person who constantly seeks confirmation of treason (in fact, such people are looking for confirmation of their low self-esteem).
  3. There are also people who judge others by themselves: “If I can betray, then my husband/wife does the same thing.”
  4. There are situations when jealousy is provoked by the so-called “victim behavior”, and the partner feels it and reacts accordingly. This behavior needs to be corrected with figuring out what exactly you are doing. Perhaps you unconsciously cause jealousy of a loved one.

We often meet with a combination of different types of this negative feeling. Jealousy in the “pure” form is extremely rare.

How to get rid of jealousy?

To start an effective fight against jealousy, you need to understand where it comes from. Most often, the root of evil is one: self-doubt. This statement is true for both men and women. So, you are determined to get rid of this destructive feeling. Begin with an honest answer to the following questions:

  1. Where did I get this destructive feeling?
  2. Do I have the power to control my jealousy?
  3. What will I do if my suspicions are justified?

If you admit that the source of jealousy in your case is the low self-esteem and not the suspicious actions of a loved one, try to regain self-confidence at all cost. Hundreds of wonderful books have been written about this subject, and if self-study is not for you, contact a specialist. The main thing is ACTING. And do not feel sorry for yourself, because it`s a big mistake.

If emotions are controlled and in most cases you can restrain the attacks of jealousy, then you have big chances to defeat this “disease.” Just work on yourself. This is your main weapon. Try to develop your willpower. Positive self-esteem will return together with it. In the cases when jealousy causes attacks of violent aggression, you need to visit a specialist. Do not let the situation run wild!

Remember that jealousy can have many guises, but the essence is always the same: this is the main enemy of pure love!

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