8 Facts about Jim Iyke’s Baby Mama Dana Kinduryte


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Little was heard about her until her name popped up as the mother of actor Jim Iyke’s newborn son. So who exactly is the white beauty, Dana Kinduryte who snatched the heart of the man widely regarded as the ‘bad boy’ of the Nigerian movie industry? Where is she from? How did she charm her way to his heart? The list of questions on the lips of the actor’s numerous fans is endless.

Here are some quick facts about Dana Kinduryte that may help

*Dana hails from the European country of Lithuania (former soviet union)

*She lives in the capital city of Vilnius but hails from Kaunas, the second-largest city.

*She is fluent in Lithuanian, English, and French

*Dana Kinduryte is 15 years younger than the actor, precisely 23 years old. Jim is 38

*Dana Kinduryte is a graduate of Law.

*The Lithuanian beauty’s path first crossed that of the actor about one year ago, reports The African Eye.

*At the time when Dana Kinduryte met her actor baby daddy, she never knew that he was a Nigerian famous actor.

*Dana Kinduryte has been living with Jim Iyke as a couple in his apartment in Atlanta, US since her second trimester.

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