“We need Judicial Consistency”, Nigerians slam Supreme court over Lyon’s Loss

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Nigerians have blasted the third arm of government, Nigerian judiciary over constant inconsistencies in the delivery of verdicts.

This is coming after David Lyon, Governor-elect of Bayelsa state was sacked by the Supreme court one day before his swearing-in ceremony slated for Friday, Feb 14, 2020.

According to the Judiciary, Lyon was sacked because of the discrepancy in the education certificates of his running mate Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo. The court accused Degi-Eremienyo of certificate forgery thus disqualifying him.

However, Nigerians have taken to various social media platforms to vent out their anger with claims of Judiciary being selective in terms of penalizing violators of the law.

Other Nigerians have applauded the apex court verdict saying the judiciary is not compromised.

These are some of the reactions culled from Twitter;


The Deputy presented false info to @inecnigeria, invalidating the entire APC ticket. We should have challenged Lagos’ Deputy who took up foreign citizenship. But how come Buhari’s own actions were deemed inconsequential by the same Supreme Court? We need judicial consistency.


What will they say about the Supreme Court now? Is the Nigerian judiciary dead or is it “the last hope of the common man”?

A day to the swearing in! The Supreme Court did not even allow the man to enjoy one day. Better to have been a governor and removed, like Ihedioha, than to have seen the seat, almost touched and smelt it, only to be disappointed 18 hours to your swearing in! #BuhariTormentor
One HOPES that these Supreme Court judgements will send a strong message to political parties, candidates and INEC to STRIVE to do things properly: Transparent/Credible Primaries (Zamfara); Inviolability of Electoral Due Process (Imo); Proper Screening/Due Diligence (Bayelsa).
I feel sorry for David Lyon right now, I really do. One wonder what he’d be going through right now. The same Supreme Court who gave Lyon victory over Lokpbiri on Bayelsa APC primaries 2days ago came with the hammer🔨 just 2days later. Life!
Before you condemn the Supreme Court‘s ruling, try to verify the credentials of Lyon’s running mate. Forgery of document is a criminal offence. APCs should blame themselves for division and disunity; the APC’s loss is a self affliction.
Loool for the Supreme Court to rule against the ruling party, I think that’s bold…

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