Juliet Mgborukwe Reveals More ‘Saga’ With Estranged Husband

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The brawl between Nollywood actress Juliet Mgborukwe and her estranged husband, Chima Ojukwe is still brewing as more revelations about them keep trolling major social media platforms.

The couple filed for divorce based on domestic violence but now new revelations concerning the true reason for their breakup has continued to emerge. Juliet Mgborukwe’s Husband Exposes Her Cheating Escapades(Photos)  

On her recent Instagram post @juliet_mgborukwe, the actress posted a video where Chima was hitting her right inside the car.

She tagged the video with some emotional words while accusing him of being a liar.

Actress Juliet Mgborukwe
Actress Juliet, estranged hubby and kid

Her post read ‘’ Do the people you lie to know you have been married 2 times before me and you have domestic violence history in your previous marriages?

‘’ You said I left with your kids on March 14th and you didn’t see your kids for 3 months how come the pictures I have above shows you and your kids running errands on April 16th, so how is that 3months? Smh, you are a congenital liar, just not an intelligent one.’’

Meanwhile, some fans including colleagues in the industry took to the comment section and expressed mixed reactions about her ordeal.

Their comments read in part ‘’we got you always just continue to strong and stay classy like always’’

‘’@tontolet Gospel truth, just kill your enemies with happiness’’

‘’ This days women see the money but they don’t even see the man. Marrying a rich man won’t bring you happiness. IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES T FACTS THEN YOU WILL LEARN BY ACCIDENT’’.

Actress Juliet
Actress Juliet Mgborukwe’s latest Instagram post


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