June 12: Ex LG chairman asks Buhari to unfreeze late MKO’s assets

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Following the declaration of June 12 as Nigeria’s new Democracy day, a former local government chairman, Mr. Ayodele Adewals has asked President Buhari to look into all the frozen assets of Chief Moshood Abiola, whose history gave birth to the proclamation.

Adewale stated that MKO’s bank accounts and some of his properties were frozen and seized during General Sani Abacha’s regime as the military head of state.

Although, the former chairman complimented Buhari’s decision to popularize June 12, making it a country-wide public holiday, he urged that MKO’s family members should be compensated in the form of reparation.

While discussing with newsmen from Punch, Adewale made instances to different families that have benefitted from reparation by the government before now.

June 12: Ex LG chairman asks Buhari to unfreeze late MKO’s assets

He stated, “We are also looking at the government paying reparation to the Abiola family just as they did to the Biafran soldiers and the staff of the defunct Nigeria Airways. We believe that President Buhari can also help to unfrozen all Abiola’s accounts frozen by Abacha. This will help the family a lot.

“Again, the closure of the Concord Press led to job losses and many journalists left without being paid. If the government can accede to the requests, they would be able to pay all the workers of the different companies that became redundant after their closure by the then military government.

“The details of Abiola’s frozen accounts are with the Department of State Services, the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Directorate of Military Intelligence. Abiola’s seized properties are also verifiable. They are all over Nigeria.”

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