Justin Bieber Shocks Fans, Makes Good on His Threat


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Justin Bieber yesterday threatened to make his Instagram account private if people didn’t stop hassling him and his new girlfriend, Sofia Ritchie.

He has now gone one step further shocking everyone by completely deleting the account with over 70 million followers.

The move came moments after the pop star had switched his account to private, before changing his mind and making his page public again moments later – and then deleting it entirely.

He’d initially gotten into a bit of a spat with Ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez who chided him for threatening his fans with something like that. The fight had escalated with the two accusing each other of cheating while they were together and bringing even more people into the drama.

After setting the account private, Justin was slammed by fans in the comments, before deleting it.

According to a user, ‘In the moment you went private (sic) you lost many fans…’, while another added ‘and now we are leaving u.’

Another said the Sorry singer was making ‘bad decisions,’ while others told him to just disable the comments if he didn’t want to deal with fans.

Whether Bieber will open a new account for his fans to follow him on remains to be seen, till then, Beliebers will have to wait.

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