Why Justin Bieber Unfollowed Floyd Mayweather On IG


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Professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather has been revealed to be upset at his ex-friend, Justin Bieber after the singer unfollowed him on Instagram.

Recall that the duo used to be friends in the past as they were both spotted at events back in the days but it appears the singer is not totally cool with the boxer and has decided to delete him from the list of his affiliates.

Justin Bieber who had on several occasions accompanied the boxer to the ring is reported to have ex-communicated his former friend as they are both said to not be on speaking terms.

Recall that Bieber was reported to have started getting counselling at the Hillsong Church and was advised to pull off and cut his ties with bad influences, Floyd Mayweather apparently fell into the bad books.

Bieber in his move to retrace his steps unfollowed the professional boxer ahead of his multi-million dollar fight against Conor McGregor as part of his move to “resetting boundaries”.

Sources close to Mayweather however revealed that the boxer went “insane, nuclear” upon finding out that he was unfollowed.

Mayweather was reported to have called Bieber a ‘traitor” because he had always been in support of Bieber.

Reports however indicate that Bieber will not be attending the upcoming fight between the professional boxer and Conor McGregor.

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