Keep your electoral promises to avoid Allah’s wrath – Muslim media advise politicians


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The Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (MMPN) Abuja Chapter has advised elected public office holders to always make promises they can fulfill.

This they said is in order to avoid Allah’s anger for their failure to live up to expectations.

The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) made the call on Saturday during its 13th Annual Ramadan Lecture in Abuja.

During the lecture entitled: `Fulfilling Electoral Promises’, invited Islamic scholars, clerics and media practitioners laid emphasis on the importance of sincerity and fairness before and after being elected into public offices.

They condemned situations whereby vague promises are made by politicians across religious and ethnic lines without intention or efforts to fulfill them.

Malam Idris Usman, a former Ameer, Abuja Muslim Forum, who represented the Chairman, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Secretary-General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) said politicians should have good intentions.

“No one is elected into office, except he or she offers himself to be elected, with promises to do one thing or the other, public office holders should always remember that they are accountable in this world and in hereafter.

“The religious leaders, the media and the general public should be reminding them of the need to be accountable.

“Elected leaders should be just in all their affairs, they should be fair to all, irrespective of religion or tribe of their followers.

“That is what Allah commanded Daud (David) when he became the leader of his people,” he said.

Usman enjoined leaders to be responsible while followers should clamour for good leaders and not corrupt leaders.

Similarly, Dr Musa Olaofe, Missioner, Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Abuja,  emphasised the importance of covenant.

“The Holy Prophet,  Muhammad (PBUH) said:  “They who have no covenant have no faith. Whoever has faith in Allah should fulfill his promise.

“Allah told leaders to lead by example, by doing what they expect their followers to do and not doing the contrary,” he said.

Olaofe urged both followers and leaders to have the fear of Allah in their relationship with one another, saying that is a veritable recipe for a developed and peaceful society.

Also, Mr Aliu Akoshile, Managing Director, Daily Times Nigeria Ltd,  also urged both leaders and the led to be mindful of the kind of society they desired.

“What we do at various levels affect what happen at national level. If we are not sincere at home, we cannot task those at national level on sincerity.

“There is triangle of conspiracy and the Media is part of the conspiracy.

“If the scholars, media and the general public fail to say the truth to those in position of power, the society will not be better.

“Various organisations, including the media that are giving awards to public office holders who perform below expectation encourage them to continue to misbehave.

“Therefore, the Media should reposition own responsibility to make elected officers work effectively,” he said.

However, Abdulrahman Balogun, outgoing Chairman, MMPN, Abuja Chapter and the new National President of the association urged political office holders to be truthful in their dealings with the people.

“As Muslims, truth must be said at all times. We are using this edition of the lecture to remind elected office holders to remember their electoral promises.

“Failure to do so will attract the wrath of Allah on them, it is very important to always be conscious of that.

“Also, media practitioners are enjoined to avoid tokenism (collecting token) from public office holders which prevent them from factual reportage of their performances,” he said.

Similarly, Hajia Medina Nadabo, the newly elected Chairperson, MMPN Abuja, on behalf of the new board, commended participants at the occasion and enjoined members in Abuja to practice responsible journalism.

“All media practitioner should discharge their duties ethically because there is life after death,” she said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports the lecture was organised to remind the newly elected officers in the country about their campaign promises ahead of their inauguration on June 12.

NAN reports that MMPN also used the opportunity to remind media practitioners in the country, especially, the Muslims to practise with the fear of Allah.

Members of MMPN cut  across both public and private-owned media organisations including NAN, NTA, Daily Trust, FRCN, etc. (NAN)

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