HUSHPUPPI UPDATE: Kemi Olunloyo Reveals Details How He Scammed U.S.


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Investigative controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo who has been at the spearhead of the Hushpuppi alleged criminal case which has taken the Nigerian social media space by a storm, has exposed more details into the saga.


It is recalled that Nigerian-born Dubai based socialite, Hushpuppi was reportedly arrested Tuesday including his associate, Woodberry for allegedly scamming the United States government.


According to reports, the proceeds realized from the scam is to the tune of $35 million (13.5 Billion Naira).


In a Twitter Live session which surfaced online the Nigerian journalist revealed that Hushpuppi and associates allegedly carried out a $35 million Business Email Comprise (BEC) scam.


Kemi said: “their own is a BEC scam. Business Email Compromise. The money they stole, the $35 million belonged to the United States Government for COVID-19 kits. The COVID-19 kits are going to be used to test people.”


The journalist went on further to explain how they dubiously convinced the system operator in carrying  out the scam. She added: “so they hacked into their system or went through an email scam and whoever that was running the system thought may be it was Nigeria or another country asking for COVID-19 kits to buy.”


She further alleged the system operator fell for the scam: “they fell for it, logged in and they stole their password, the same way the Invictus guy did as well as the AD Nigerians. Nigerians have been doing BEC scams for a long time,” the journalist said, making a reference to how BEC scams have been run in the past.


See video below:


One question Nigerians are asking is how genuine these allegations are. It has been reported the socialite has been arrested however a legal council or representative of Hushpuppi is yet to verify the claims.


Watch this space as the story unfolds.


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