Kendall Jenner Insists Her Famous Family Are ‘Super Normal’ Despite Their Dramatic Reality Show


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She appears in the Keeping up with the Kardashians television series while also making regular appearances on fashion runways.

But on Thursday Kendall Jenner revealed she and her famous family are just like everyone else despite their time in the spotlight when she appeared on The Today Show with younger sister Kylie.

‘Not everyone can always accept the life that we live and the TV show…but I think once people get to know us, actually get to know us, they start to realise that we are super normal humans who love and care and we have feeling,’ the 20-year-old said.

Sitting across from entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, the most recent Victoria’s Secret recruit explained that there have been many times growing up where she and Kylie were ‘not as into’ filming their hit series – which also stars sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney as well as mum Kris and dad Caitlin.

‘When we were younger we would come home from school and they would be filming and they would be like “oh come in the room, come hang out with us” and we would be like “no I want to go do my homework”,’ she raised her voice while showing off a large pearly white smile. So there was like a moment where we were like not as in to it.’

Kylie echoed her sister’s statement adding that she and her family never realised ‘what we were getting ourselves into’ when the series launched eight years ago.

‘I feel like we didn’t realise how much people were going to love our family when we started a reality TV show,’ she said while adding there was a point when she too wanted to walk away from the spotlight.

‘There was definitely a point in-between, where I can speak for myself, that I didn’t want it but I was like 13 and I was like “uh I just want to be normal”.’ she continued.

But despite being in the spotlight since they were aged just 12 and 10, the close siblings explained that they adjusted to the high life by watching their older sisters from a young age.

‘We are lucky enough to have older sisters who have been going through this for a long time, so we kinder got to watch them go through it and learn from that,’ Kendall told Richard as she sat there in a plunging neckline dress.

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