Kenyan authorities recover 83 Cocaine pellets from Nigerian drug smugglers poop


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A Nigerian man has been caught in Kenya while trafficking cocaine worth Sh 5 million, equivalent to N10 million.

The Nigerian, who according to police report arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on a flight from Lagos, Nigeria was stopped and apprehended. 83 pellets of drugs tested to be cocaine has since been recovered from the drug trafficker’s anus.

In a statement by the Kenyan Airport CID Boss, Joseph Ngisa, he explained that the pellets were inserted in the apprehended culprits anus, he added that; “He [the Nigerian Drug trafficker] was put under observation and has so far emitted 83 pellets of white powder that has been tested and found to be cocaine,”

The arrest however has a significant turn of events as most other arrests made in recent times at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, JKIA, have been of culprits in transit but this particular arrest, in which the culprit was aimed at Nairobi as a destination indicates that there exist a market for the drug in Nairobi, Kenya.

Police reports that the apprehended fellow is yet to give leads as to the destination of the drugs he was trafficking into the country, and will be facing charges of narcotics trafficking.

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