#KenyaVsNigeria: Hilarious Tweets as Nigerians battle for Supremacy


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Nigerians and Kenyans have taken to the streets of Twitter to battle for supremacy and the tweets are super hilarious.

When Kenyans visit Epe, Lagos and see good road for the first time in their life 🤦💔

#KenyaVsNigeria: Hilarious Tweets as Nigerians battle for Supremacy



The only time Nigerians have electricity is when the lightning strikes. The other days they are Just busy with generators. Now I understand why they say ‘May thunder fire You’.

They can’t relate anything with Electricity. Just sound & thunder is the closest. 😂 #KenyaVsNigeria



Some say that Kenya don’t go zoo,that they prefer looking at them self…



#KenyaVsNigeria Someone said if we multiply Kenya’s achievements since their independence by 10 it still not up to Yaya Bello achievements in kogi state


#KenyaVsNigeria: Hilarious Tweets as Nigerians battle for Supremacy


I may be lazy but not as lazy as the guy who designed this handkerchief



According to reports reaching me, Dangote wants to buy Kenya and use it as warehouse for his cements.



Kenyans would have never had a chance to appear on TV…if not for Nat Geo Wild 😂


#KenyaVsNigeria: Hilarious Tweets as Nigerians battle for Supremacy

Arrgghhh Someone just said Agege Bread in Lagos is more popular than the whole of Kenya😂😂😂😂😂



If you guys provoke us, we’ll tag Obasanjo to buy kenya and use it as his 2nd Farm #KenyaVsNigeria


#KenyaVsNigeria When a Kenyan goes back home after visiting Nigeria


How can you say that Kenyans skin are used in manufacturing tyres 😂#KenyaVsNigeria



Taking your child on excursion to Kenya is like taking your child to the Evil forest. Ojuju calaba every where 😭#KenyaVsNigeria

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