Khafi Kareem Opens Up About Her Struggle to Maintain Identity Amid Motherhood

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Former Big Brother Naija star, Khafi Kareem, has openly expressed her concerns and fears about motherhood. In a heartfelt Instagram post on June 2, the mother of two shared her worry about losing her own identity and being solely recognized as a mother, without any other accomplishments or pursuits.

Khafi Kareem

Khafi, who is the proud mother of two boys named Malakai and Mikah, revealed that this concern has been weighing heavily on her heart for quite some time. However, she recently made the decision to wholeheartedly embrace motherhood and not shy away from it, recognizing it as a beautiful experience. Alongside her heartfelt words, she shared a lovely photo of herself and her sons fast asleep in bed.

Addressing her followers, Khafi began her caption with a friendly and relatable tone, warning them about the upcoming lengthy caption. She acknowledged that it had been a while since she last shared an update online and expressed gratitude for the messages she received from her concerned followers, assuring them that she was doing fine and missed their presence as well.

Khafi then opened up about her fear of being solely perceived as a mother after embracing motherhood. She candidly admitted that she had been afraid of how all-encompassing motherhood was, and as a result, she preferred to be offline, not wanting to bore anyone with her new reality. However, she emphasized that motherhood is far from boring and revealed that she is a multifaceted woman with many parts of her identity still intact. She reassured her audience that her dreams are still valid, and they can expect to see more of her pursuits in the future. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that being a mother to Malakai and Mikah is currently one of her most important roles.

Khafi declared that she will no longer run from or hide her role as a mother. She proudly embraced her identity as a mother and acknowledged that, yes, most days and nights leave her exhausted, as evidenced by the photo her husband, Gedoni, captured. Despite the exhaustion, she couldn’t help but find the photo raw and real, cherishing the authentic moments shared with her children.

She also announced that she is now unashamedly entering her motherhood era and invited her followers to come along for the ride. Her words conveyed a sense of vulnerability, honesty, and determination to celebrate and embrace all aspects of her life, including the joys and challenges of being a mother.

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