Kim and Kanye Profess Their Love for Each Other With Graffiti


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This celebrity pair decided to shake things up… or at least shake a spray can or two. Neighbours and security were left horrified after they noticed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new home had been vandalised, but it was not what they thought.

According to TMZ it was not a deranged super fan or young punks who decided to graffiti the couple’s Hidden Hills, California, property recently – it was the famous homeowners.

The display of love – or self-love as the case may be with this couple – is not a permanent one however, as the house is to be re-plastered soon.

And who could blame them from wanting to have a little fun with the renovation, as it has certainly been dragging on.

The couple first bought the home for $19.975 million in August 2014 before buying the neighbouring property six months later for $2.925 million. They have since been hard at work combining their two homes into one giant mansion.

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