Kim Kardashian SUED for Stealing ‘Vibes’ Logo for Her New Fragrance Line


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Kim Kardashian is reportedly being sued for allegedly stealing a marketing company’s logo for her new perfume bottle.

According to The Blast, Vibes Media have alleged that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, has been ‘marketing, promoting, and is now selling a Vibes perfume.’

Hot on the heels of Kim reportedly making a staggering million dollars a minute on new fragrance like, the company’s statement continued: ‘The Vibes perfume comes in a bottle that is a close facsimile of the Registered Vibes Logo.’

Kim has been enthusiastically taking to her social media accounts to promote her new line which consists of three scents – Kimoji Vibes, Kimoji Cherry, and Kimoji Peach.

However, while the Cherry and Peach bottles are shaped like the actual fruit – the Vibes bottle boasts a black background complete with an iridescent font.

In comparison, Vibes Media sports a similar logo in a speech bubble design – prompting the organisation to reportedly file court documents claiming KKW Beauty stole their logo which they trademarked in 2012.


Kimoji Vibes vs Vibes logo


They have also raised issue with the fact that Kim is using the power of social media to plug the perfume bottle on social media.

According to The Blast, Vibes Media are said to be seeking ‘unspecified damages, an injunction to keep them from continuing to sell it, and an order for them to turn over all unsold perfumes so they can be destroyed.’

The trouble comes in light of news that Kim made a whopping $5million in just five minutes when she released her new set of perfumes on Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Perhaps the most impressive part of it all is that Kim and her beauty company did not spend a single cent on advertising and instead opted to use the power of social media.

According to the publication, the total amount of bottles was increased to meet demands as each one retailed at $45 a pop.

Other than promoting the release herself, she also sent candy grams to her celebrity pals including Drew Barrymore and sisters who all posted the gifts on their Instagrams and other apps.

This is not the first time Kim made an insane amount of money within minutes as last year’s first launch made $14million.


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