Kim Orders North Korea To Mass Produce Nuclear Warheads In A New Year Statement


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Kim Jong-Un has announced on Monday in a New Years Message that North Korea will start to mass-produce nuclear warheads and missiles in an accelerated rogue weapons program that has sent international unease skyrocketing.

Despite a bombardment of international sanctions and threats and challenges from the US in 2017 Pyongyang chased its ambitions as a nuclear power throughout 2017

Kim stated in his annual address to North Korea “We must mass-produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missile and speed up their deployment,” he claims that North Korea had achieved its goal of becoming a nuclear state.

Kim orchestrated multiple missile tests in 2017 and in September they carried their sixth and most powerful nuclear test a Hydrogen bomb

North Korea has said its weapons program is intended to target the US mainland.

US President Donald Trump replied with statements like he is going to “totally destroy” Pyongyang and stating the North Korean leader was on “a suicide mission”.

Analysts have revealed that Trump’s taunts may have prompted the North Korean leader to accelerate his ambition rather than dampening it

“(The North) can cope with any kind of nuclear threats from the US and has a strong nuclear deterrence that is able to prevent the US from playing with fire.
The nuclear button is always on my table. This is not blackmail but reality.” Kim stated on Monday

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