Kola Aluko: Lifestyles of The Niger Delta Thieves And Famous

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The corruption and graft that has run amok in the oil sector ever since Nigeria discovered oil is the stuff Hollywood blockbusters are made of.


Many Nigerian elites have made billions upon billions of dollars from cronyism, aided by corrupt and evil civil servants that have populated the Nigerian government ever since we gained independence in 1960.


The flamboyant lifestyle of Kola Aluko, one benefactor of the money pumping machine that is the Niger Delta, is noteworthy because he spent the spoils of the loot in an unprecedented manner.


Villas in California worth over $15 million dollars apiece, penthouses in Manhattan worth as much as $50 million dollars, a $65 million dollar Yacht, a supercar collection worth over $30 million. A single wristwatch that cost $1.5 million. To say Kola Aluko was balling like Don Jazzy would be an insult.


He was literally rubbing shoulders with the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Jamie Foxx. Amassing a wealth that made theirs pale in comparison.


But alas he never worked hard for his money, like many Nigerian billionaires, he was simply a friend to the government in power and he made his friendship count.


Here are some of the homes he purchased in the USA, with monies that could have empowered the Nigerian people and lifted many out of poverty:

Aluko owns one of these ultra rare vintage cars also once used by the James Bond movie series

Kola Aluko

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