Ladies, here are 5 tips to bring your sexy back


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The truth is most ladies no matter how much they try are still seen as sex objects for the use of men by men. Women are mostly judged at first sight by their body but do you know that irrespective of what skin color you have, the size of your behind or breast or whatever part of your body that makes men just think of you as a muse–you can feel amazing just by your thoughts.

Whatever you do in this life, think of yourself first because in the end, you are the only one that have got you. So here are a few steps to make you feel sexy if you want to:

Just the thought of sexy is sexy
Everyone is born with a seductive, sexy side. If you don’t think you’re sexy there must be a reason why. Whether you have to look in the mirror or look into your soul to fix it, do so!

Understand the science of sex
True lovemaking starts with touching the heart of someone else. Sex is an art. You can drive your partner crazy by learning how the body responds. Once you know the science of sex, it becomes much easier to hold conversations about it as well. It’s surprising to someone when they discover you can talk about it because it means you know about what works. Now there is nothing sexier.

Confidence cannot be too much
That impeccable persona is what will make you worth longing after, this exudes sexiness to everyone around you even if that’s not your intention. Inner confidence attracts (this is not arrogance we are talking about here).It gives you a kind of mystery that tells someone that you would not bring a lot of “drama” into a relationship. Rather, you would make life interesting.

Love your nakedness
No matter how unsatisfied you may be with your body, walk around naked – a lot. It’s amazing how sexy you begin to feel. The more you become comfortable in your own skin, the less you care what someone else thinks. Practice sexy poses in the mirror and forget the sagging tummy or thighs. Remember, it’s all about attitude. P.s: if you don’t like your body, whether you want more or less of it, work towards it so you can feel better.

Maintain eye contact
Fixing a look on someone you are having a conversation with not only exudes confidence, it also screams sexiness! A quick glance communicates interest in a person, and a lingering look moves it a step further.”

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