Abuja To Akure: Lady records Molester In The Act In Interstate Bus (Video)


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A lady who boarded an inter-state bus from Abuja with its destination bound for Akure has allegedly been molested by a fellow male passenger.


According to the video that surfaced online Monday (June 1), the male passenger who was sitting next to her craftily extended his hand from beneath the chair to fundle with the thighs of the victim.

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Male Passenger
Male Passenger

Reports revealed that the lady (victim) was traveling in the same bus with the perpetrator headed for Akure from Abuja when the act occurred. It didn’t take long before the woman raised an alarm to attract the attention of the other passengers to what had transpired.


However, it was reported that the victim was accused of ‘overreacting’ by the passengers who were supposed to be in support of her.


The victim and the perpetrator are yet to be identified at the time of this report, but well meaning Nigerians are making efforts in bringing the male passenger to book.

Oluyemi Fasipe said:

See video below

Nigerians have decried such a despicable act taking to twitter to express their thoughts.

Austin Elochukwu said:

I Daniel Dake J R I said:

Daniel Faith Arts and Lawrenzi also said


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