Lady Recounts How Jehovah’sWitness Man Died After Family Denied Him Blood Transfusion


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A Nigerian lady recounts the ordeal that led to the death of a young man due to some religious inclinations. The young lady who gave her name as Jewel Chika Okparaeke narrated the sad story on facebook and said the deceased worked in a bank in Jos.

She said that the incident happened after he was returning home from work. Jewel mentioned that the accident victim was immediately taken to the hospital and was advised to undergo blood transfusion due to the loss of blood he suffered from the accident.

Nigerian lady
Jewel Oparaeke Recounts Man’s Ordeal Before Death

Jewel further stated that the family members of the man were all of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and because of their strong belief against blood transfusion, they refused to oblige the doctor’s advice. According to her story, the doctors tried all they could to convince this family but the caution was thrown to the wind. The family vehemently refused, claiming that Jehovah would heal him. Jewel also said that the man’s younger brother attempted to donate his own blood but the rest of the family refused and this time, they moved the man to another private hospital owned by their member.

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She explained that the family refused, claiming that the Jehovah would save him. According to her, when his younger brother who is a student tried to interfere the family moved the man to another hospital.

Below is the transcript of her story:

‘’I feel so broke in my heart. A fellow banker lost his life due to some religious leanings. I’m not happy at all. I have been heartbroken since I heard the way he lost his life. He was a top shot in the banking industry, was involved in an accident on Saturday evening as he was going home from work and was taken to a very nice hospital…bros needed blood badly but his family members refused to help him out just because they are members of Jehovah’s witness.

Even when he begged, the leaders of their church and family members insisted that they would not do blood  transfusion. Thereafter, they took him to another hospital owned by their member.

He later died there…I am really feeling bad because of this avoidable death. Is there any Jehovah’s Witness person on my list who can explain why they do this?

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  1. Anonymous says

    This is a lie because if he could beg his family to give consent then he could have given consent himself.

  2. James says

    What a lie this story and person is. The guy would have final say on his health care not his family.
    It’s amazing in this new world that anyone can say anything and all of a sudden, that stupid persons opinion is taken as truth by all those who only read headlines or believe everything they read. This is foolishness and the writer should be ashamed for lying.

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