Nigerian Lady Travels For 18 Hours To See Boyfriend, Receives Shock of Her Life


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A Nigerian lady has narrated the horrible surprise she met after after embarking on an eighteen hours trip to see her boyfriend.

Seyishae who took to Twitter to share her ‘Men-are-scum’ experience said she got the shock of her life when 10 minutes into her visit, another girl showed up, claiming to be her boyfriend’s girlfriend.

Unfamiliar with her boyfriend’s town, she was forced to spend the night on the floor of his one room apartment while he and his girlfriend slept on the bed.

Read @Seyishae’s experience

“I remember getting into a long distance relationship with this guy that didn’t even really slap hard.. I traveled 18 hours just to see this nigg* and 10minuets after I got to his place, his GIRLFRIEND showed up unannounced. Worst day of my life!. Men are scum.🤦🏾‍♀️

“He stayed in a one room apartment. The babe said she wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t just up and leave cos i didn’t know my way around. Long story short, I had to spend the night in that same house. They slept on the bed and I spent on the floor🥺

“I cried all night…”

Other internet users shared their nasty relationship experiences.


See me, I’m the ambassador of long-distance relationship😂

I traveled from Katsina to Ekiti to spend time with potential husband and found out another lady was already 2mnths pregnant for ‘US’ 😂



Wow…. The good news is u travelled a long way just to see him & The bad news is u travelled the wrong day.. Ah pity u shaaa


Same as women, women are scum too, my Girlfriend visited years back, she spent 4 days with me and I didn’t eat are punnar , unfortunately to me when she left Liagos back to her place in IBadan, she denied me visiting her and said she was doing a program that couldn’t allow us

to see, then later after a year of being curious, on her birthday I went through her Facebook Timeline just to check her friends wishes,I discovered she just gave birth, during the period she was denying me access she was pregnant, the situation alone taught me a great lesson

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Its both ways my girlfriend /R mate brought her Bfriend from Lagos and i became an ordinary friend to her for 24hrs.I went somewhere to sleep.we continued our love afterwards and she ended her relationship with d guy cos she belved i truelly loved her by my action

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