Lady Whom Charles Okocha’s ‘Wife’ Issued Restraining Order On Speaks Out

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Following the public and verbal restraining order issued by Nollywood actor and singer, Charles Okocha’s wife on a lady whom the actor revealed he has a crush on, the lady involved identified as Grety Riverson has reacted to the brouhaha.

The lady who revealed that she had never met the actor before took to her social media page on Instagram to post the message below along with the caption:

“Please am engaged and am a very responsible lady, am proud of my man..I DON’T JOKE WITH MY MAN! I LOVE HIM & I WILL NEVER CHEAT ON MY FIANCÉ, Am so bless&lucky to have my bannie..Have not seen Charles okocha in this life at a beautician & My skin is beautiful anyone can comment on it or wish to have it. Why will one stupid lady attack me just because her man said he is crushing on my skin? LADY TALK TO YOUR MAN AM NOT INVOLVE ON THIS ONE, I DONT KNOW HIM At all, have not met him before & we ain’t friends ?”

The reply comes after the Nollywood actor’s wife had warned Grety off her man following Charles Okocha’s public declaration that he has a crush on Grety Riverson.

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