NANS Urges LASG to Provide Alternative Transport in Lagos Inner Roads


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South-West Coordinator of NANS, Olawale Kappo, said in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos that the state government should have provided alternatives and palliatives for commuters before placing the restriction.


“Motorcycle serves as a means of livelihood and employment to thousands of people in Lagos which means banning them will cut people off their means of livelihood and impede them from catering for the needs of their families.

“Several students get their fees from guardians who engage in this means of transportation and earn their living from it.

“Furthermore, the elimination of Okada and tricycle on strategic routes will lead to loss of jobs as people will find it difficult to get to work at a stipulated time,” said the students union leader.

Kappo said that regulated and organised Okada and tricycle transport system could work without posing dangers to the security of lives and property in the state.

“Lagos State Government needs to put in place adequate security measures to protect her borders because of the free entry and exit at the moment in Lagos State.

“They should engage in an operation to clear out all elements that pose potential threats to the security of lives and property in the state,’’ he said.

Kappo appealed to the state government to curb the excesses of the security officials to avoid the creation of civil unrest across the state.

“We have received news of several clashes and chaos emanating from the overzealousness of the security officials in enforcing the ban.

“It is a policy that is taking a negative toll on the people, hence minimal force should be used in the enforcement of the policy,’’ he said.

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