Landlord Burns Down Building After Tenants Refuse To Pay

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Idemudia Obamonyi, a landlord in Benin city reportedly set ablaze the building of his deceased father’s house, a residence he inherited, over the refusal of his tenants to pay rents.


According to Herald correspondent reports, more than 20 shops were located in the building at Iwebo lane behind Oba Market in Benin City, Edo State, and all were burnt down.


Idemudia was alleged to have been yelling telling people to allow the house burn since he does get any money from the house.
Ifaluyi Obasogie a resident in the area, said it was bizarre for a landlord to set his own house ablaze.


“We saw people holding him and he was saying let the house burn, I don’t get any money from it.”


Justice Aigbekhan a shop owner stated that he had paid his rent but Idemudia kept asking for money claiming that he wants to perform his father’s burial. “If they are having family issues, they should go and solve it. It is not for them to put us in trouble.”
Idemudia has since been arrested.

Read reactions below:

Pope22; They should take the man to a psychiatric hospital, he is obviously not normal.

Fit2Rule: The name “BENIN” says it all. Fear those people o. They can make you dig your own grave, enter it and bury yourself alive. It’s only in Benin that you’ll see a gate without a fence. Try to enter the compound without passing through the gate and see if you won’t be dancing “one corner” immediately.

naroroseWhat a wicked man? na his fault? after all he no Sabi how much building materials dey cost … idiotic element

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