LASU student arrested for sending robbers after father’s N61 million [Photo]


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A student of the Lagos State University, Kabiru Mohammed has been arrested for his involvement with a robbery gang whom he hired to steal $383,000 or N61 million from his father, a bureau de change operator at Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

The suspect confessed to hiring a notorious armed robber, Abiodun Ogunjobi aka Godogodo to rob his father of the sum of money. Mohammed is in the custody of the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Ikeja.

He said, “My father is a bureau de change operator at the airport. I am the one who arranged a seven-man armed robbery gang led by Godogodo to rob my older brother, Ibrahim who was carrying my father’s money amounting to $383,000.

“I told the gang that my father had dollars. The first operation was when Ibrahim wanted to convey money from local airport to international airport, I called Godogodo and gave him the car number plate and the colour of the car. I told them not to kill my brother, but to shoot into the air. I knew my brother would release the money because my father told us not to drag money with armed robbers. They collected $350,000 and gave me only two bundles which is $20,000

“In the second operation they stopped my brother in front of Air Force Bus Stop and collected $33,000 and they gave me $8,000.”

The suspect is also a member of the gang and follows them on some operations.

“I am a member of the robbery gang. My role is to find targets and also information which I give to the gang. That is why they call me ‘Target man’.”

He said he spent his share of the loot on building a mosque in Kano and buying 17 rams for the less privileged.

The suspects

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