Lawyers in FCT disagree over Valentine’s Day

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Some lawyers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have expressed divergent views over Valentine’s Day.

Some condemned the marking of Valentine’s Day as “ immoral” pointing out that serious-minded professionals should not indulge it while others said it was part of social life.

Mr Jubril Umaru, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday that Islam frowned at the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

“I will take it from the religious aspect. Islamically, I don’t believe in valentine; that is from the religious aspect.



“But if you are looking at it from social angle, it is a nice time where people come together to celebrate with their loved ones.

‘’But however in the course of this celebration, some persons go the extra mile doing what is not expected of them such as fornication and so many immoral activities.

‘’That is the major reason Islam frowns at celebrating valentine.’’

Another lawyer, Mary Akpa, said that being a lawyer should not be a reason for not having a social life.

“We celebrate valentine in a legal way, it has to be proper planning; if I have a lot of files on my table to clear for the day, I would try to resume in time and then I would ask to know if there are other tasks for me.

“It’s a work day so I could decide to, if I normally close at five, resume earlier so that I can finish up what I have to do. All work and no play would make me a dull girl. I am human, so I would have to unwind.

“That I am a lawyer does not mean I shouldn’t have a social life.’’

Contributing, Mr Jeremy Abutu, told NAN that no serious professional should even consider setting out time to celebrate valentine.

According to Abutu, there are already enough celebrations in Nigeria such as Christmas, Sallah and Easter, pointing out that adding valentine to the lot would just make him look unserious. (NAN)


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