Leaked Sex Tape: Obama Slams Republicans For Supporting Trump


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U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday slammed Republicans for continuing to support Donald Trump in spite of criticising him for a leaked tape in which he boasted about sexually assaulting women, local media reported.

“You cannot have it both ways here.

“You cannot repeatedly denounce what is said by someone and then say ‘but I am still going to endorse him to be the most powerful person on the planet and to put them in charge’,’’ he said at an election rally in North Carolina.

In the 2005 video published on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Trump bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy.’’

He has since apologised and dismissed his comments as “locker room talk.”

The scandal the tape unleashed has deepened the fracture within his party less than a month before the election, with dozens of senior Republicans withdrawing their support for him.

“You do not have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago and say, ‘that’s not right’

“You just have to be a decent human being to say that’s not right.

“If it makes you mad, then you say that is not somebody I want representing the United States of America.

“You can do something about it, North Carolina!’’ Obama stressed, urging the crowd to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. (dpa/NAN)

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