Lecturer Calls Out Colleague’s Misconduct On Facebook

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A lecturer, Eni Alobo, from the University of Calabar took to his Facebook page to call out another lecturer for refusing to release a student’s file two months after she finished her project. 

He goes on to give an explanation of how the lecturer is insisting that the girl travels with him or sees him outside school.

According to him, another colleague has pleaded on behalf of the girl – who is undertaking a Diploma in Law – but he’s refused to listen.

Alobo also admonished the lecturer saying parents trusted their children to them as lecturers to train them in learning and character but instead they are being defiled.

He went on to warn the lecturer saying if the girl’s file wasn’t released, he would regret it.

The girl and the lecturer whose names were withheld are aged 16 and 50 years old respectively.

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