Let’s talk about Premature Ejaculation, causes and solutions

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Every man wants to be a stallion in bed, a warrior who will take his partner on a Disney trip to heaven in bed.

However, many a man can only dream of the above scenario as reliable estimates have it that 30% of all men are suffering from premature ejaculation, and are in dire need of permanent solution.

It’s without doubt that premature ejaculation (PE) can cause anxiety, irreparably damage a man’s confidence, and even introduce infidelity in a relationship. It’s a demon that must be exorcised.

Most people have taken to various kinds of drugs in a bid to eradicate this malady.

But it’s important to note that ejaculation drugs, medicines, and numbing creams take away from the spontaneity and subsequent gratification of sex and don’t always work. And quite so often, early ejaculation drugs have been known to cause erectile dysfunction! That is adding salt to injury.

Treatments to  cure premature ejaculation

There abound, smorgasbords of treatments for PE, but most don’t provide lasting cure. To cure means to permanently get rid of a problem, nobody can claim to offer a permanent cure to PE because it’s causes are assorted.

But here, we are going to study some of the major causes and solutions of PE .

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation: Correct Your Focus (breadth control)

PE, for some, is a result of the sexual castles in the air they’ve built mentally. Some people overstimulate their brains with thoughts of sensual fantasies, building up imagination of the perfect sexual intercourse.

With such thoughts, it’s almost guaranteed that the individual will lose control, some even before foreplay has begun.

The solution to the above problem is to try as much as possible to keep a calm head, control your breathing, as this is most times in sync with the thrusts

Engaging in Foreplay:

Engaging in foreplay is a big bonus as the major aim in sex is to please your partner rather than sticking in that selfish Penis in and sticking it out seconds later.

The mistake of most men which leads to PE is thinking with their Penis instead of their brain. During intercourse, the Penis wants to get on with it, it wants it done, the gratification is at an all time high, this is where the brain needs to come in.

The brain should tell the Penis to calm down, to relax. Eliminating PE has some set rules and guidelines, there’s a beginning, there’s the middle, and there’s the end.

Skipping the beginning which is foreplay, and jumping into the middle (the actual penetrative intercourse) will bring about the end (ejaculation) much faster than desired.

Slow-Paced Thrusts:

We mentioned thrusts above, this is also one of the causes of PE among the less experienced men.

No thanks to mainstream pornography, sex has been depicted as a battle of dominance between the male and the female, with the drug-induced male pummeling life out of his female sexual partner.

This has led many to adopt the fast-paced thrusts employed by the drug-induced actors only to end up releasing in seconds or minutes.

Breath control and slow-paced thrusts are one of the most prominent methods of reducing PE.

Constant Practice:

It is common knowledge that we tend to get better with anything we do constantly, be it push up exercises, or singing in a band, or learning to drive a car. And sexual intercourse is no different.

Consistency in sex has a way of improving and eliminating PE as your body system tend to adjust and improve to the sensual stimulus with time.

Aviod Masturbation:

Does masturbation do more harm than good? That’s a topic for another day, but in this context, some will argue that it’s one of the major causes of PE.

With frequent masturbation – which is usually sneaky quick and rapid – you are programming your brain to release at a certain speed with the slightest arousal.

This comes in to play when sex is involved, the brain, which sometimes behaves like a programmed robot, weighs the scenario, compares it to your masturbatory instincts, and releases the necessary hormones for ejaculation and bam, you are done even before your partner has finished undressing!

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