Letter Bomb Explodes in Amsterdam as Blackmail Wave Continues


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A letter bomb on Thursday exploded at a bank in Amsterdam, police said, the latest in a spate of such attacks.

“The letter containing explosives blew up in a bank in the south-eastern part of the city. No one was hurt,’’ the police said.

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Also, a letter containing explosives was also identified in Utrecht; however, it was defused before it blew up.

On Wednesday, two similar incidents occurred, in the mailroom of a company in the capital and another in Kerkrade, close to the German border in the south-east of the country.

The police said they assumed the same person sent the letter bombs on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The anonymous sender had asked for an unknown amount of bitcoins in extortion letters.

“No sum was named, as the investigations are ongoing,’’ the police said

In January, seven other Dutch companies in three cities received letters containing explosives, along with extortion letters.

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