They Lied, I Will Trek Again For Buhari – Hashimu


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Hashimu, the man who marched for Buhari to Abuja has come forward to deny regretting that he ever marched for the President.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria, Hashimu discloses his plans to march yet again in company of some other youths in demonstration of a collective support and solidarity for the President.

Describing his reaction to the false news that he regrets trekking from Lagos to Abuja to congratulate the President, Hashimu said: “I woke this morning and some of my friends started calling and asking if I am aware of reports in the social media, claiming that I – Hashimu – have regretted trekking for President Muhammadu Buhari.

“It is not true. It is a rumour, false and a lie. I did not regret my action. If I have another opportunity to trek for President Buhari, I will do it again, even from Nigeria to anywhere.

“I do not regret my action – trekking for him. I am in support of everything he is doing,”

He maintained: “I did not speak to any journalist yesterday, today or recently,”

Disregarding the false news and describing it as nothing short of a propaganda, Hashimu said: “I am not surprised because as a politician, he has opposition and I believe people are looking for all ways to spoil his name.

“They spread this rumour not to dent my name but the president’s.They also want to use the rumour to say that I am no longer with the president, that I am no longer supporting him, it is a lie,’’

While lauding the efforts of the president, Muhammadu Buhari, Hashimu noted that Nigerians are faced with challenges in which the President needs to take cognisance of and act fast in solving.

“There are some challenges which Nigerians are facing. The president needs to be aware. Whatever you doing in life, even if you are sick, you need pain relief.

“I know he is planning big for Nigerians and Nigeria, but the relief must come. Let the president do something quickly to address the pains Nigerians are undergoing, especially in terms of food.

He added: “There are so many complaints, he needs to work hard,’’

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