6 cliche lies Nigerian girls need to stop telling


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You know the thing about lies? It always hunts you. It is never a good thing to lie. The consequences of lying is always way more than anyone perceives them to be.

Here are the things Nigerian women need to never lie to men about ever again.

This an AGE long issue

This particular issue baffles me, as I still do not understand why it is difficult to tell your  age. Remember not to lie about your age prior to the relationship or even at any moment. If he is interested, age won’t matter, if you’re insecure about revealing your age, it would only make him doubt you and once he doubts you on this, he will very easily doubt you on something else. Keep it transparent with the birth dates.

The amount of people you have had sex with

Most women would disagree with telling their current partner how many sexual partners they have had (I think women are wired to lie about that). But if you hide your past intimacy with your ex, he will get skeptical. If you’re open about it and tell him exactly as it is before the relationship, he will always trust you. A big no no is to bring up their past sex lives in the middle of a relationship, that just breaks all bundaries of trust and ultimately the relationship itself.

If you have been intimate with more guys than you can admit, here is an advise; pray the question never comes up or just let him know you cannot let him know (goodluck).

When it comes to cooking…

You do know he will taste your food some day right? Don’t even bother lying about it. Most women think it is highly important if they pose as a good cook when they can’t make a decent meal. Don’t promise him Pounded yam and vegetable soup or even exotic dishes when you do not even know the right ingredients or how to put them together. It’s fine if a woman can’t cook properly, both of you are together to better each other in every walk of life. Contrary to what the world turned women to, we are not made to live by the fire side. But if you lie about it, it can very well cost you in the future.

Stop drowning your face in make-up

Don’t get me wrong, It’s okay to cover yourself in make-up and to act the way he wants you to but to a certain extent. Don’t do it every time, please let your face breathe a little too . He loves you for who you are not for who you’re trying to be. Guys love nothing more than a lady who’s true to herself and then to them. Keep it real, ladies, show us your real face (sometimes o).

I do not need your money

You think I wanna drive your Benz, well I do! Love is free, it is the maintenance that is expensive. Even if a woman doesn’t need your money or ask you for it, Trust me, she wants you to have it. Just to say her man is caked up. It is a matter of prestige so girls you do not need to lie to him, instead motivate him to be more hard working and make more money.

Stop lying about his sexual performance

If he is bad and he asks you, tell him the truth but remember to sugar coat it o. Men always like to ask about their sexual performance, I think it has to do with their ego. So, if you know you want your relationship to last make sure not to crush his ego and not lie at the same time (goodluck).



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