Like Father Like Son: William Graham, Heir Of Washington Post, Kills Self


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William Graham, the 69-year-old heir to the Washington Post, was found dead in his house last Wednesday in an apparent suicide.

This was much like His father, Phil, who committed suicide in 1963 by shooting himself with a shotgun.

William’s a lawyer, philanthropist and investor was one of the heirs to the Washington Post-Graham fortune and son to Phil and Katharine Graham,

Donald Graham, stated his brother was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

Williams was well known as a humble philanthropist and the founder of an investment firm. He also taught trial law in Los Angeles at the University of California.

Graham’s father, Phillip, killed himself at the age of 48 in 1963 when he had just been released from a psychiatric ward days before.

Graham’s mother, Katharine, ran The Washington Post when it won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the then-President Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal. She is also portrayed in the upcoming film “The Post,” A Steven Spielberg-directed movie features Meryl Streep, as Katharine Graham, and Tom Hanks. A movie about the publishing of the “The Pentagon Papers” in 1971. (See trailer below)

Since Graham’s grandfather Eugene Meyer in 1933 bought the newspaper it has been owned by The Graham family when it was sold to Jeff Bezos founder for $250 million.

Graham’s wife Sally Lasker Graham, lives on along with two children from the second of his four marriages.

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