Lil Durk’s 10-Year-Old Son Allegedly Shoots Stepdad in Domestic Dispute

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American rapper Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son has been caught on camera allegedly shooting his stepdad, Joshua Pippens, during a domestic dispute with the child’s mother. The incident occurred on July 1, and Pippens has spoken out from his hospital bed, claiming he was not the aggressor and that the child acted on his mother’s instructions.

Surveillance footage shows the child grabbing a gun from Pippens’ hip and firing it, hitting Pippens in the process. Pippens claims he was trying to protect himself and that the child was following his mother’s lead. The incident has sparked a heated debate about domestic violence, custody arrangements, and the role of parents in shaping their children’s behavior.

Lil Durk has yet to comment on the incident, which has left many in the music industry and beyond in shock. The story continues to unfold, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

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