List: Nigeria Has 3rd Highest Unemployment Rate Globally


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Nigeria’s 18.8 percent unemployment rate is the third highest in the world, behind South Africa’s 27 percent and Greece’s 20.9 percent.

The National Bureau of Statistics said in its latest report on “Unemployment and Under Employment Report from 1st quarter to third quarter 2017’’ in December in Abuja that the country’s unemployment rate rose from 14.2% to 18.8% in 2017.

It also said that Nigeria’s labour population increased from 83.9 million in the second quarter to 85.1 million in the third quarter of 2017, a difference of 1.2million in additional workforce.

According to the list compiled by Spectator Index, Nigeria ranked third highest country in unemployment rate above Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, United States, among others.

See full list below:

South Africa: 27.7%
Greece: 20.9%
Nigeria: 18.8%
Spain: 16.5%
Brazil: 11.8%
Italy: 10.8%
Turkey: 10.3%
France: 9.7%
Canada: 5.9%
Indonesia: 5.5%
Australia: 5.4%
Russia: 5.1%
Netherlands: 4.4%
UK: 4.3%
US: 4.1%
China: 3.9%
S Korea: 3.6%
Germany: 3.6%
Japan: 2.8%

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